New Home Chemicals

In 2001, a phenomenon hit the news that had been largely hidden until that time. Drywall, imported from China and used in new home construction, was releasing sulfur compounds into the air. The toxic gasses – carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide and carbonyl sulfide – were generated by the drywall itself. The high sulfur content of the gypsum was reacting with moist air and releasing these chemicals. The Consumer Product Safety Commission got involved, and finally, in early 2012, a settlement has been reached. However, this example was just the visible tip of a huge iceberg, a gourmet menu of problems with new home construction and the materials used. And homeowners were under the mistaken impression that a high quality furnace air filter would help – it doesn’t. Only a carbon air Read more [...]

Toluene msds

Having clean air to breathe is everyone's right regardless of who you are, and if you are exposed to airborne toxins such as toluene - a common component found in paint thinners - you are incrementally risking yourself and your overall health.  We will look over the actual chemical toluene as well as basic toluene MSDS (material safety data sheets) for the purpose of educating you on this invisible yet threatening airborne toxin that is more common in your daily oxygen intake than you're probably aware of.  With this knowledge, you will better understand this chemical and its many hazards to humans and pets. Toluene, formally known as Methylbenzene and represented by the molecular formulas C7H8 or C6H5CH3, is one of the more persistent aggravators of the central nervous system and is best Read more [...]