Seasonal Allergy Solution Guide

HELP! I Have Allergies All Year Long! A Guide to Seasonal Allergy Solutions Seasonal allergies, contrary to popular belief, do not just occur in the fall and spring. Every single season has its own set of allergies that need to be addressed. This is a guide to each season and how the different types of allergies can be alleviated. Spring Allergies Finally the world awakes from its freeze! It’s time to frolic and play outdoors as the birds sing and the trees awaken. But all of a sudden, you begin sneezing uncontrollably! Spring allergies are upon you! Spring allergies are, by and large, due to plants beginning to pollinate. Some weeds pollinate in the spring, but trees are the biggest culprits. Oaks, Elms, Poplar, Sycamore, Birch, Olive and Ash trees are the main pollinators during Read more [...]

No Leak Air Purifier System Efficiency and Air Flow

Relief from Seasonal Allergies Depends On Air Purifier System Efficiency and Air Flow Spring is the most beautiful time of year; however, if you suffer from seasonal allergies it can also be the most miserable time of year. Seasonal allergy symptoms begin early in spring and can last well into the fall. The best way to get some relief is to reduce exposure to the things that trigger your allergies, which for many people is airborne pollen. A high quality air purifier will help you and your entire family to breathe easy all year long. Not all air purifier systems are created equal. As a matter of fact, most popular air cleaners do not even deliver ten percent of what they claim on paper. It is important to check the technology and features that are offered on any air purifier system before Read more [...]