Pollen Allergies and the Air Purifiers That Confound Them

Pollen are reproductive cells released into the environment by plants, grasses, trees and weeds. They are the corollary to human sperm, but in the plant world. Pollen is everywhere, is airborne and windborne, and is present in great quantity most especially in the spring and fall. Weeds typically release pollen in late summer and fall. Most people who have pollen allergies (75%) have allergies to the pollen from ragweed. Just one ragweed plant can release a billion pollen grains. In the United States, about 1 in 7 people suffer from pollen allergies. That’s about 36 million people! Is It Possible to Avoid Pollen? Unfortunately, you cannot avoid pollen. Even if an allergy sufferer decides to stay indoors, pollen infiltrates buildings. Pollen is microscopic in size, although some larger Read more [...]

Breathing cleaner air by removing airborne dangers

We like to believe that our homes are the safest place to be, but we are mostly unaware of the airborne dangers that can exist in the air we breathe, airborne dangers that can be deadly if they are not dealt with. However, with the installation and use of an air purifier, we can breathe easier. What are some of these airborne dangers that can be found in the air? There are three main kinds of substances that are found in these breathing space within our home. These are: radon carbon monoxide second-hand cigarette smoke Save for cigarette smoke, we are unable to smell radon or carbon monoxide and we cannot feel the effects of these substances until it is too late. What is radon and what effect does it have on us? Radon is a radioactive gas that is produced naturally from Read more [...]

How an Air Purifier Will Affect Your Pet

There are many microbial substances in your home that can affect you adversely, especially if you are a person prone to respiratory problems. Some of them are seasonal such as pollen and some of them you can avoid by keeping a clean house such as molds. However, some pose a unique problem for pet owners. House pets, particularly cats and dogs, are constantly shedding particles which can cause problems for people when they get inhaled, especially for people that happen to be allergic to those particular animals. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the hair of the animals that causes allergic reactions, but rather the dander from skin cells that are being constantly shed. Why Is It a Problem? People who are allergic to a particular animal tend to avoid getting that animal as a pet. However, Read more [...]

Best Air Purifier for Mold Removal, Dust Removal, Pet Dander and Odor Eliminator

How to Reduce and Eliminate Air Hazards in Your Home Even though ventilating your house will improve the air quality indoors somewhat, a number of air hazards in your home must be addressed in order to breathe in truly healthy, clean air. Many of these hazards are not easy to pinpoint and most go largely overlooked. However, continuous exposure to such pollutants will eventually lead to a number of different health issues for everyone living in your home. You need to take a proactive approach to eliminating as many air hazards in your home as possible to help ward off future health complications. The best way to get rid of the toxins that are filling the air that your family breathes is a quality air purifier. You do not need to buy an air purifier for dust removal, an air purifier for Read more [...]