Nursing Home Air Quality

The environment in a nursing home is a combination of the hospital setting and a communal living situation. This makes it uniquely qualified for air purifiers, and especially those with cHEPA/HEPAfast filters. The reasons concern the type of person living there, the number of people coming and going, and the state of overall hygiene in the facility. Respiratory system diseases Although there are younger patients confined to nursing homes, most residents are elderly. Seniors typically suffer from reduced lung function from a variety of causes and pneumonias are a tragic, but common illness in this population. Two studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in February 2012 highlight other risks the elderly face when air quality is poor. The first, out of Brown University, showed Read more [...]

Indoor Air Quality

Our modern lifestyles bring us some amazing gifts. Among these are the high tech homes that are sealed against weather and temperature changes. With insulation, high tech thermal windows, gaskets on our doors and a host of other tricks, we’ve turned our drafty, energy wasting homes into comfortable and efficient environmental forts. The downside of this boon is that air flow between the inside and outside is very restricted. It has to be so that expensive heat (or, in the summer, cold) isn’t lost. Which brings us to the root problem... The quality of the air we breathe The US Environmental Protection Agency is not tasked with regulating indoor air quality for homes. Still, the topic is enough of a concern that they published two different guides (1st and 2nd edition) to help citizens Read more [...]