Air Purifiers as Cleanup Tools after Indoor Contamination from Wildfires

If you live in a wildfire prone area of the country, you are likely aware that the pollution resulting from wildfires has a way of infiltrating everything, including your home and workplace environments. What Is in the Smoke from a Wildfire? The smoke released into the air contains carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor, hydrocarbons, organics, nitrogen oxides and other minerals. Depending on what is burning, the particulate matter released can be highly toxic because of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) released into the air (e.g. formaldehyde, acrolein, benzene, etc.), because of the density of the particulates, or both. The size of the particles matters when it comes to how it will affect your lungs. If the particles are greater than 10 microns, they can irritate sensitive membranes Read more [...]

Tips When Shopping for an Air Purifier Solution

Tips When Shopping for an Air Purifier Solution Poor indoor air quality often causes dry eyes, nasal congestion, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and even asthma. An air purifier solution can help prevent all these. But when there are so many air purifiers available for sale, how do you choose the best one for you? By learning what the essential product features mean and then comparing products carefully, looking not only at their cost, but also at their efficiency, maintenance requirements, and warranty. Consider these tips:  Before buying an air purifier solution, know where you will place it. Most air purifiers are portable, and you can move them from one room to another, depending on where you spend most of your time. That said, for the air purification to be efficient, you want to Read more [...]

Health Hazards You Are Exposed to in an Auto Body Shop

Not all work environments are ideally suited for our health. Some jobs simply involve working with toxic chemicals, noxious fumes and other substances that can potentially be hazardous to our health should we ingest, inhale or otherwise absorb them in our systems. We are always looking for new and improved ways to protect our health while we are at work and most hazardous jobs already have plenty of standard health procedures in place in order to protect the wellbeing of the workers. However, there is another way through which we can eliminate a great deal of the harmful particles that can be floating through the air at any given time and that is with the simple use of a workplace air purifier. Working in an Auto Body Shop Of course, not all workplaces are equally hazardous. Depending Read more [...]

Creating a Healthier Environment to Work In

There are numerous benefits that come from having an indoor air purifier in your home: the air quality is higher, you breathe easier, you feel healthier etc. However, an air purifier can be just as beneficial, if not more so, for a working environment. What does an air purifier do? It traps harmful particles that are in the air and you are at risk of inhaling them. In an average household, this usually refers to dust, pollen, molds and dander from animals. However, in an office environment this can include many other pollutants and irritants that can come from various chemicals and other substances that can be found around the workplace. It really depends on the line of work you are in but some people are definitely more at risk than others. What an Air Purifier Can Do Obviously, any Read more [...]

Problems Caused by Mold

We all like to have an ultraclean home, but this requires some effort and sometimes, through no fault of our own, we still experience problems that damage the overall aesthetic of our houses and can even come with detrimental effects to our health. Mold is a common household problem. It is a fungus which can be found all over the world in over 100,000 variations. It thrives in humid and warm environments and that is why you can find it in areas around your house such as the basement or the bathroom. In fact, a lot of people might have mold in their homes without even realizing it due to a leak in their system somewhere that create an environment where mold can grow and spread. How Mold Affects Our Health  The worst thing about mold is that it does not simply makes the home look ugly Read more [...]

Industrial Fumes

In the US, the agency responsible for worker health and safety is OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They set levels for worker exposure to fumes and the safety equipment needed. Once these fumes escape the facility, they become the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency. An air purifier system may be mandated, depending on the regulations in place. Commonly, the EPA will require a fume extractor to keep volatile chemicals out of the environment. Industrial fumes are those products of manufacturing which make it into the air, either inside the plant or outside. Some are generated by the manufacturing process itself, while others are a consequence of using highly concentrated chemicals during production. In industrial applications, chemicals are often Read more [...]