The Elderly, Air Pollution, and Hospitalization

Although air quality is very important for all of our health, one group of humans is especially impacted by poor air quality: the elderly. Various factors cause the elderly to be a vulnerable population when it comes to health. They have more ‘garbage’ in their lungs than most of us because they have been breathing longer. They may have been smokers or may have been brought up in a smokers’ household in an age where smoking was an acceptable behavior. Because of these things, their lungs typically have less capacity than younger people’s lungs. The lungs of an older person is less elastic and less able to filter out polluted air than when they were younger. Furthermore, the elderly have a more compromised immune system than younger people. Their immune system is not as agile at Read more [...]

Why an Air Purifier Is Important for Elderly People

The health benefits of air purifiers are no longer under doubt by anyone. Study after study shows that eliminating harmful airborne particles such as dust, dander and pollen is the best way to cope with allergies, as well as other respiratory infections. To that end, there is no better alternative that will trap these pollutants and irritants and increase air quality than an air purifier. Every member of your household can benefit from the presence of an indoor air purifier. However, respiratory problems brought on by inhaling pollutants are more likely to be exacerbated in children and elderly people. Therefore, if you have kids or elders living in your home, it would be a very good idea to install an indoor air purifier. Why Are Air Purifiers Good for Elderly People? Proof of the Read more [...]

Nursing Home Air Quality

The environment in a nursing home is a combination of the hospital setting and a communal living situation. This makes it uniquely qualified for air purifiers, and especially those with cHEPA/HEPAfast filters. The reasons concern the type of person living there, the number of people coming and going, and the state of overall hygiene in the facility. Respiratory system diseases Although there are younger patients confined to nursing homes, most residents are elderly. Seniors typically suffer from reduced lung function from a variety of causes and pneumonias are a tragic, but common illness in this population. Two studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in February 2012 highlight other risks the elderly face when air quality is poor. The first, out of Brown University, showed Read more [...]

Whole House Air Purification System

The Elderly and Air Quality – Clean Air Systems When the National Institutes of Health published information about air quality effects on the elderly, many caregivers and family members took notice. The reason: Increased risk of cardiovascular problems and pneumonia – the two conditions that cause hospitalization and death in our senior population. With this new information, consumers have become aware of the necessity for whole house air purification with a cHEPA/HEPAfast filter system. Where does the danger come from? A four-year study showed that fine particulate matter (less than 2.5 microns) in the air was causing the problems. This is partially due to a lessened ability to filter out these particles in the aged, combined with a lowered immune function. As we age, we produce less Read more [...]