Indoor Air Quality Systems, Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

Indoor Air Quality Systems for Infant Health According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of the air indoors is as much as five times worse than outdoor air. Although this issue is a health concern for all people, it is especially dangerous for infants. The immune systems of babies are not fully developed, which makes them incredibly susceptible to airborne impurities. Such contaminants can increase a child's likelihood of developing allergies or asthma when they get older. As a parent, it is up to you to protect your child from the moment they are born by ensuring the air that they are breathing is clean and healthy. The best way to accomplish this is with the use of indoor air quality systems. Indoor Air Quality Systems to Protect Your Infant from Contaminants Regardless Read more [...]

Schools Air Quality

Air pollution in schools doesn't seem like it would be an issue, especially with so much adult involvement with the children and teachers seemingly taking every precaution to give the kids excellent air quality.  Yet the problem of having low air quality in schools is just as huge as the environmental air quality issues around the school.  In fact, indoor air quality within schools can be between 2-100 times worse than outdoor areas, which is significant information considering this is our youth.  There are many large and small factors that aid schools having poor air quality, and if we don't find a means to prevent further air pollution, we could end up euthanizing our school populations across the world without even trying. Precisely, then, are the contributing factors that support these Read more [...]

Indoor air quality of schools

One of the top concerns for every parent is the safety of their children. This safety implies primarily to their health and that includes being safe from accidents, but also from potential harmful particles and chemicals that could be in the air. When children start moving out of home to attend school, it has been generally observed that they start getting sick more frequently. There could be several reasons for this, however, the most prominent reason is the fact that these children are becoming more exposed to pollutants. Air pollution is on an all-time rise and with the children being exposed to outdoor as well as indoor pollution, their chances of falling ill increase. It’s important to realize that it’s not only the outdoor pollution that plays the role in children’s health? Indoor Read more [...]

Air Pollution in Schools

By now it’s a known fact that children are more vulnerable towards catching various diseases, mainly because of their developing immune systems. As a parent, you do what you think is best for your child, but often you would not really see what happens to your child’s health when he or she is out. In order to give all around protection to your child, you need to make sure that you are considering all aspects of your child’s life so that you can keep him or her safe from the plight of air pollution. Indoor air pollution, such as that found in schools, remains a potential health risk and you need to understand it so that it can be controlled effectively. Air pollution: when a person hears this, the first thing that comes to mind is smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon emissions, and smog. But Read more [...]

Helping Ease Asthma in Children

Asthma causes the airways in the lungs to narrow, making it difficult to breathe. This narrowing of the airways may last several minutes or hours, depending on the severity an asthma attack. Helping ease asthma in children is important to protect their health and well-being. Children suffering from asthma may experience slight wheezing, which may escalate to gasping for air as airways continue to narrow. This is caused by muscles surrounding airways that are reacting to increased dust, pollen, pet dander, insect debris, second-hand smoke and other harmful pollutants and allergens in the air. Asthma in children can lead to life-long breathing and other health problems. Health Risks and Symptoms of Asthma For reasons unknown, asthma is on the rise among children. While there are many environmental Read more [...]