Health Hazards You Are Exposed to in an Auto Body Shop

Not all work environments are ideally suited for our health. Some jobs simply involve working with toxic chemicals, noxious fumes and other substances that can potentially be hazardous to our health should we ingest, inhale or otherwise absorb them in our systems. We are always looking for new and improved ways to protect our health while we are at work and most hazardous jobs already have plenty of standard health procedures in place in order to protect the wellbeing of the workers. However, there is another way through which we can eliminate a great deal of the harmful particles that can be floating through the air at any given time and that is with the simple use of a workplace air purifier. Working in an Auto Body Shop Of course, not all workplaces are equally hazardous. Depending Read more [...]

Toxic Chemicals

Perhaps the most important businesses that keep us on the road are the millions of auto body shops in the world that work hard to repair fender benders and other auto atrocities.  However, the quality of workplace air quality in auto body shops is horrible, known to even cause workers to develop black lung, mesothelioma, and other breathing disorders since they use high-powered spraying equipment in otherwise poorly ventilated shops or 'bays'.  While auto body shop workers are highly skilled and perform a much needed task for automobile owners, that doesn't negate the fact having high quality air to breathe is an imminent concern for shop owners; because unventilated spaces tend to apply coats of paint easier than having open doors or windows, many car body shops simply ignore the desires Read more [...]