How an Air Purifier Can Get Rid of Aspergillus Fungus

Despite the best attempts of people to keep an ultraclean home, sometimes problems like mold or other fungus is still an issue. Their presence can not only lower the aesthetic aspect of the house, but can also present certain health hazards as mold spores can often become airborne and get inhaled by the people living in the house. One of the most common fungi that a lot of people will have to deal with is aspergillus fungus. The biggest problem with it is the fact that it travels freely oxygen so there is always a risk that you could be inhaling aspergillus fungus right now and not even realize it. Why Is Aspergillus Fungus Bad?  Truth of the matter is that most people do not react terribly to this fungus, even if they inhale it in larger quantities. It all depends on their health status Read more [...]

Aspergillus Fungus

One of the oldest studied fungi in our common history is the aspergillus fungus, having been specifically studied and indexed back in the 1720's by Pier Antonio Micheli, a renowned biologist and priest from Italy.  Although not really seen as a viable threat, aspergillus fungus is common to everyday supplies of oxygen.  Depending on one's actual immune system, this fungi can be a harmful catalyst in allowing other more powerful diseases to come into play; however, aspergillus fungus also has positive traits involved with its existence, being a starch reducer amongst many other things relevant to the breakdown of other microbials. One of the scarier parts of the aspergillus fungus is the possibility to contract aspergillosis, a culmination of many viral infections that go to work on your Read more [...]