Fine Particle Pollution Is a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA came out In June of 2012 with very strong statements about the quality of our air, how it needs to be further protected and improved and what exposure to pollution does to our bodies (especially to the bodies of the elderly). They did not mix metaphors when they stated clearly: “An extensive body of scientific evidence indicates that long- and short-term exposures to PM2.5 cause premature death and adverse cardiovascular effects, including increased hospitalizations and emergency department visits for heart attacks and strokes. The evidence also links PM2.5 exposure to harmful respiratory effects.” Although pollution affects the elderly much more than other populations, the truth is that pollution and poor general air quality affect all age Read more [...]

Air Care for Lung Health: A Buyer’s Guide to Air Purifiers

Shopping for a quality air purifier can be an overwhelming experience. Questions that you will want to consider are: What type of filtration do I need? How large of an area do I need to purify? Do I have a ‘sick’ building that needs microbial purification? Hopefully this guide will help you choose the best air purification system for your specific needs. 1.       Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) There are a number of VOCs that can be detected in a normal household environment. Cleaning agents, varnish, adhesives, paint, disinfectants and items like new furniture, flooring or carpeting all emit odors that can be very irritating or even toxic. Smoke from fires, cooking or tobacco is also a common airborne contamination. Optimal systems for this type of contaminant include Read more [...]

COPD Air Purifiers

Breathing Easy: Air Purifiers Can Help COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is a result of the bronchial air passages narrowing over time due to other chronic pulmonary conditions such as bronchitis or emphysema. The most common cause of COPD is toxic gases or fumes that create inflammatory responses in the lung tissue. The biggest culprit of lung inflammatory responses is exposure to tobacco smoke, either first or second hand. COPD is one of the leading causes of death: third in the US and fifth worldwide. A person with COPD will find themselves short of breath. In fact shortness of breath or dyspnea is one of the most common symptoms. At first, a COPD patient will be short of breath during rigorous exercise, then over time, during light exertion, then as time passes and Read more [...]

Room Air Purifiers For Allergies

Clean Air Relief for Allergy Sufferers Forty to fifty million people in this country suffer from some type of allergy. Allergy sufferers are miserable all year long, even in the colder months when they spend most of their time indoors. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that some of the worst allergy triggers are present inside you home all year long. Many people spend their lives constantly searching for a way to find relief from their allergy symptoms. The way to get relief from your allergies is to reduce symptoms by learning about triggers and limiting your exposure to them. Some of the most common indoor allergy triggers include: Mold Pollen Cigarette smoke Dust mites Cockroaches Pets Allergies do more than irritate; they may also have a negative impact on Read more [...]

Indoor Air Quality

Our modern lifestyles bring us some amazing gifts. Among these are the high tech homes that are sealed against weather and temperature changes. With insulation, high tech thermal windows, gaskets on our doors and a host of other tricks, we’ve turned our drafty, energy wasting homes into comfortable and efficient environmental forts. The downside of this boon is that air flow between the inside and outside is very restricted. It has to be so that expensive heat (or, in the summer, cold) isn’t lost. Which brings us to the root problem... The quality of the air we breathe The US Environmental Protection Agency is not tasked with regulating indoor air quality for homes. Still, the topic is enough of a concern that they published two different guides (1st and 2nd edition) to help citizens Read more [...]