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A. Why do I need an air purifier?
Americans spend at least 80% of their lives indoors, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that, on average, indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. Given these staggering statistics, it only makes sense that having an air purifier will greatly improve your and your family's health.

B. What contaminants will Airgle PurePal air purifier remove from the air?
Airgle PurePal air purifiers are effective and complete filtration solutions. They remove a wide variety of particles, sub-micron particles, chemicals, gases, microorganisms, and odors. This includes dust, mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gases, viruses, and bacteria.

C. How do I modify the filter configuration?
Airgle PurePal Series air purifiers are built for easy custom filter configuration, and can be adapted to meet your requirements. To upgrade, simply visit our Filters page and purchase the filter that best meets your new needs. All our PurePal filters can be used with any PurePal series air purifier. You can also add a Titanium Pro Module to Model AG850/AG900; the design is plug and play and the necessary software is preloaded on the system, allowing for easy installation and configuration. Click here to purchase filters.

D. How do I replace filters and reset the filter gauge?
Your PurePal system is equipped with a filter life monitor, which will assist you in determining when a filter needs to be replaced. Visit our Downloads page to get a PDF version of the Filter Installation and Reset Guide for a specific model.

E. How do I reset the Titanium Pro?
Your PurePal system is equipped with a Titanium Pro life monitor, which will assist you in determining when this module needs to be replaced.

F. How does the control setting work?
This advanced setting is for users who encounter challenging air pollution conditions and/or have high needs. The default setting for the unit is moderate and should meet most needs. The moderate setting displays as four bars on the control panel.

For advanced users only:
  • Make sure that the unit is on standby mode (plug in the unit, and confirm that knob is in the "power off" position).
  • Press and hold "Auto" button for more than 5 seconds. You will hear a "ding" sound, and see the control setting bars go from high, to moderate, to low, then return to moderate and start blinking.
  • If you release the "auto" button when "high" is blinking, the system is set to high mode.
Answer the following questions to see if you need to change your setting.
  • Are you noticing severe indoor air pollution problems?
  • Are you or a member of your family having severe asthma and/or allergy issues?
  • Do you want to able to always set your system to auto mode? Auto mode: Your system will start on high to purify the air until it senses an extremely low concentration of particles, then change itself to the low setting. If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, you may want to consider changing your setting to "High." If you answered "No," then continue to the following question.
  • Do you have a clean environment but purchased the unit to keep your air quality high? If you answered "Yes" to this question, you may want to consider changing your setting to "Low."

G. How do I turn off the LCD for the Airgle PurePal Series air purifiers (set the unit to night mode)?
If you wish to turn off the LCD on the left hand side of the panel, press the Auto button and hold down for 3 or more seconds to set the panel to Sleep mode. Press the Auto button again and hold down for 3 or more seconds to turn the LCD back on.

H. How can I save money on filters by joining the Airgle Filter Club?
Our filter subscription club (coming soon) saves you time and money. Program members receive FREE Shipping and a 5% discount on all filter orders. Airgle will send you a new set of replacement filters every 12 months, billing the credit card you provide for your first purchase. Click here to browse through our Filter page and click the "Filter Club" button next to your desired product to sign up. (If you wish to cancel, you can do so anytime before shipment without obligation. To cancel, contact customer service.

I. What does the CADR rating mean?
To clean an entire room, all of the air in the room needs to pass through the air purifier's filters. Air purifiers are rated by the amount of air that moves through the filters and is re-delivered, now particle-free, into the room. This rate is called the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). The higher the CADR, the larger the room that the air purifier can handle. Overall, CADR is the best way to measure the effectiveness and performance of different air purifiers. Compared to 159 other leading air purifiers in standardized trials, the Airgle PurePal and PurePal Plus air purifiers had the highest CADR for dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen.

J. What are the CADR ratings for the PurePal and PurePal Plus?
Tobacco smoke > 450 CADR, Dust > 400 CADR, Pollen > 450 CADR.

K. Do Airgle PurePal air purifiers produce any dangerous by-products?
No, Airgle air purifiers do not emit any by-products such as toxic ozone.

L. Is an Airgle air purifier complicated to operate?
Airgle PurePal air purifiers are extremely easy to use. Every Airgle air purifier is equipped with a highly advanced, user-friendly LCD control panel and remote control.

M. How much space do Airgle PurePal air purifiers effectively clean?
Coverage is 698 sq ft, with five air changes per hour.

N. Where should I place my Airgle PurePal air purifiers for maximum effectiveness?
We recommend placing your Airgle PurePal air purifiers in your bedroom or living room.

O. Can Airgle PurePal air purifiers be left on all the time?
Yes, Airgle PurePal air purifiers were designed and built for continuous use. All of our units are equipped with a Continuous Air Quality Monitoring feature, which checks pollution levels in your environment and automatically adjusts fan speed for best performance.

P. How do I reset the air filter monitoring system for the Airgle 750 air purifier?
To reset the indicator, please take the following steps:
  • Turn off and unplug the unit.
  • Press the light button to the "on" position.
  • Plug in the unit, then release the button after the filter-check starts.
  • The system will automatically reset the filter-check Gauge in about 25 seconds.
  • Once the unit is done resetting, turn on the unit and press the "filter check" button again.
  • This time, the system should report an accurate result.

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