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We are excited about your interest in becoming an Airgle dealer and wish to thank you for your inquiry. We love adding new dealers to our team! With one of the finest dealer organizations in the marketplace, Airgle looks forward to sharing the growth and success of our company with you. We believe that the expansion and achievements of our company are directly tied to the close relationship we enjoy with our dealer network. Airgle is committed to providing support to our dealers. We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with all the necessary product information, customer service aid and marketing assistance that you need in order to ultimately make your business a success.

When you feel it's time to take the next step in joining our team, please complete the dealer application form below. We will then contact you with further information. Again, we thank you for your interest in Airgle and look forward to working with you soon.


Nature of Our Product
Airgle offers an extensive range of products that give you exactly what you need in an air purification system. Our air purifiers are the most advanced and effective on the market, ensuring not only that our products work, but that you're in a position to succeed as a dealer. With the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) out of 159 air purifiers tested, our customers and yours will be satisfied with their healthier air.

Passion, Commitment, Excellence
For over a decade, Airgle has been living up to the promise of offering the very best in air purification systems. Leading the way in expertise, manufacturing and innovation ratings is only a small slice of the pie. Our customer service and superior quality have long meant that installing an Airgle air purifier makes any building a better place in which to live or work.

Genuine and Reliable
Airgle has been a large family for over ten years and our style has served our company very well. We are sure that there are other ways of doing business, but we stick to what we know - which is how to be customer-oriented and fair, while offering reliable services. We find incredible satisfaction in being first class in everything we do.

Pride in the Airgle Brand With our fierce international presence, Airgle provides superior products to customers around the world. We take great pride in our product and are invested in ensuring our customers' overall satisfaction. We are readily available to meet any and all of your needs, and wherever you're located, we have equipment nearby to serve you. Customers have come to trust Airgle as their one and only air purification system.

Marketing with Purpose
Marketing assistance is always one call away. We will use any means necessary to ensure you that you have the proper tools, product education, and marketing assistance that you need in order to partner with us successfully. Marketing programs are strategically designed to bring our dealers continued success and repeated leads, which puts you in a position to thrive.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air with Airgle
Adding talented new dealers is one of the greatest things about being part of Airgle. We look forward to adding you to the roster and putting you in a position to succeed. We work with our dealers as one cohesive team, which provides you with the support and gives you the confidence you need when starting out. It also allows you to hone your skills on an ongoing basis. Welcome aboard ... we look forward to our partnership with you!

A. How do I place an order?
We accept orders by fax or email.Be sure to include the following in each email or fax:
Dealer ID, Company Name, Receiver's Name, Address, Telephone, Quantity, and Item Number,

B. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers for payment.

C. Do you provide invoices for record keeping?
Yes. We will send you an invoice for each order you place with us. Invoices will be sent to your email address.

D. Do you ship via FedEx or UPS? Our default shipping carrier is FedEx.

E. Do you drop-ship to APO and FPO locations?
No, we don't.

F. Can you drop-ship Airgle products for my online business directly to my customers?
Yes. We can drop ship the product to your customer.

G. What is your delivery time?
Small orders shipped from our New York warehouse ship on the same day that you place the order.

H. Can you use my FedEx account number for shipping?
If your monthly volume is greater than 30 units shipped per month we can consider using your FedEx account for shipping.

I. How do I track an order?
We will send a tracking number to your email address once the order is shipped.

J. Do you charge sales tax?
No. As a reseller, you are responsible for collecting any applicable taxes from your customers.

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