Cigar Smoke Removal – Cigar Lounge Air Purifier

You want to feel happy and relaxed when you are in your own home. It is supposed to act as a sanctuary from all of the outside world. You want your house to look beautiful and to smell beautiful. However, this is a problem for smokers. Smoking emits an odor that can really persist and once it gets in a room it is really hard to get it out. Things are made even more difficult for cigar smokers. A cigar has a certain robust aroma that many people enjoy, but the effects of it are unpleasant to deal with. What You Can Do The first thing you should do in these situations is to limit your home’s exposure to the smoke. This will not only increase air quality, but it will also be healthier for other members of the household that could otherwise be exposed to secondhand smoke. True cigar aficionados Read more [...]

Getting Rid of Smoke with an Air Purifier

Everybody wants to fill their homes with fresh air. There is nothing more reinvigorating than taking a deep breath and feeling that cool air fill your lungs. However, there are many issues commonly found around the household that can prevent people from enjoying fresh air. At the very least, they can degrade the air quality in the house. Some problems can come from pets. They shed dander everywhere they go and they also cause unpleasant odors that can quickly fill up a home if left unattended. In other cases, it is mold or other forms of fungus that take away from the pleasing aesthetic of a home and also cause breathing issues. However, more common than these are problems related to smoking. The Issues of Smokers Smoking is a habit that, apart from affecting one’s health, also has Read more [...]

Charcoal Air Purifier, Charcoal Filter, Chemical Air Purifier

The Truth about Charcoal Air Purifiers A charcoal air purifier or charcoal filter, also commonly known as an activated carbon air filter, works by absorbing the gases and odors in the air. However, the cost and size of a charcoal purifier filter varies considerably. Charcoal that is marketed as activated carbon has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of pores in between the carbon atoms. This works so well because the millions of tiny cells that are in the charcoal in addition to being very porous also attract and capture odors and gases. A carbon air filter is also often used in military gas masks and water purifiers. This is because it is capable of absorbing toxic gases in air as well as chlorine and other chemicals in water. When the available cells are full of absorbed Read more [...]

Best Smoke Air Purifier

Best Smoke Air Purifier for Smokers Anyone who lives with a smoker knows the downside when it comes to air quality. Both the smell of stale cigarette smoke and the residues that smoking leaves are bothersome and may be an irritant as well. Besides the staining, the same tarry coating that discolors everything from computer screens to light fixtures is also risking health because of second hand smoke. Removing smoke from the air isn’t just for hygienic reasons, but also for basic health concerns.  There are specific air cleaners for smokers, but the right design must be selected. Constituents of smoke According to the National Cancer Institute, there are more than 250 harmful substances in cigarette smoke. A few of the known or suspected carcinogenic agents are: Arsenic – a poisonous Read more [...]