Toxic Chemicals

Perhaps the most important businesses that keep us on the road are the millions of auto body shops in the world that work hard to repair fender benders and other auto atrocities.  However, the quality of workplace air quality in auto body shops is horrible, known to even cause workers to develop black lung, mesothelioma, and other breathing disorders since they use high-powered spraying equipment in otherwise poorly ventilated shops or ‘bays’.  While auto body shop workers are highly skilled and perform a much needed task for automobile owners, that doesn’t negate the fact having high quality air to breathe is an imminent concern for shop owners; because unventilated spaces tend to apply coats of paint easier than having open doors or windows, many car body shops simply ignore the desires of the workers.

Another huge concern for environmentalists is the fact auto body shops use chemicals such as paint thinners and highly flammable paints that leak toxic fumes into the atmosphere, traveling by air to nearby homes and businesses and make the air quality quite low.  Auto body shops also have a tendency to emit their sand dust from when they buff down the automobiles before applying the first coat of paint, which creates extremely hazardous breathing conditions for the workers and the outside world as well.  Finally, hazardous waste disposal from auto body shops is another issue that causes polluted waters and leakage that, when traveling through air or soil, can give the same effect as sick building syndrome in terms of having poor quality air.

Environmentalists have been fighting with the EPA for years to regulate the way auto body shops handle their everyday business practices, but it’s mostly been for naught.  These car body shops are rather limited in exactly how they can work if they are to perform their jobs properly and within customer specifications; therefore, the best measures attainable by auto body shops is to simply contain their chemical leakages and hazardous waste disposal methods until better innovations are brought about.  For you, the consumer who has to breathe this air, there are several small things you can do to prevent any leakage of fumes into your homes or places of business.

Finding a means to keep paint fumes away from your home is relatively simple, provided you have proper ventilation systems in place; if not, you’ll do perhaps even better by purchasing an air purifier that will assist in keeping the air in your home clean and breathable.  Since air purifiers come in many formats such as stand-alone units and add-ons to large central air units, you have plenty of size options to accommodate your living space of virtually any size.  Having one air purifier per room or at least per thousand feet of living space will assist any possible airborne fumes in being destroyed before hitting your oxygen supply which will allow you to live comfortably no matter how much the auto body shops emit in their everyday operations.  These air purifiers can also be installed within tight spaces such as auto body shops which can clean the air of fumes emitted by paint guns, giving the workers breathable air while working in their hazardous environments.